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Ligurian Sea
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Sardinia Sea
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Northern Adriatic Sea

+ Saturday 22 September
+ Sunday 23 September
+ Monday 24 September

REPORT ISSUED AT 00:00 UTC ON 22/09/2018

+ Saturday 22 September
Wind S, force 4. Sea: slight. Surface water temperature: 25.6 °C.

+ Sunday 23 September
Wind NE, force 3. Sea: smooth. Surface water temperature: 25.8 °C.

+ Monday 24 September
Wind SW, force 2. Sea: smooth. Surface water temperature: 25.8 °C.


Forecasts for 12:00 UTC unless different indication. The report is issued on every weekday and updated during the day if necessary. As usual our registered users can print the charts in pdf format using the button available in the top right corner of the page